General Dentistry

Metal-Free Dentistry

For many years, "amalgam" or metal-based fillings, and gold crowns and bridges were the norm in restoring damaged teeth. Although not visually appealing, these metals were regarded as the best solution for managing tooth restoration. A vigorous debate has arisen in the dental profession about possible health risks resulting from having these various metals in a patient's mouth extended periods of time, though no conclusive research has been offered. Today, metal-free dentistry, as practiced by the CSD staff, completely side-steps the debate by providing a safe, visually-appealing and more structurally-sound solutions for tooth restoration. We use a safe Protocol when replacing amalgam fillings with state-of-the-art synthetic, tooth-coloured compounds that offer distinct advantages over "old-style" metals:

  • These materials have high strength, yet do not damage the opposing teeth
  • They are attached to the existing tooth structure by bonding, with very strong adhesion
  • The material can be sculpted for a custom fit, even after it has been bonded inside the mouth